biologically active mixture of 4 types of enzymes with high activity for decomposition and cleavage   of organic substances



Aquaenzym 10 litres

AQUAENZYM is an ecological, biologically active mixture of 4 types of plant enzymes (lipase, protease, amylase and hemicellulase), with high activity for the decomposition and breakdown of organic substances: fats, sugars, starches, proteins. AQUAENZYM acts as a catalyst to accelerate cleavage reactions.


This makes it easier to break down complex organic compounds into simple elements and short-chain fatty acids (on the order of 10 to 7). These are then easily disposed of by a biological purification process.


It binds immediately to organic substances and cleaves them. It does not need restraint.


Use of the enzymatic preparation AQUAENZYM:


  • Eliminates the formation of odors (in sewers, grease traps, at sewage tanks).
  • Cleans and disinfects sewers. Removes grease and other organic deposits on the walls of the sewer branch. In sewage systems, it removes coliform bacteria, pathogens, fungi and yeast. This eliminates the occurrence of rodents.
  • In waste pits, grease traps… to reduce the volume of sludge and the amount of fat, to break down the fat cake. Ie. prolonging exports and improving wastewater values.
  • Reduces the value of wastewater.
  • At sewage tanks in activation tanks:



  • It more easily decomposes complex organic compounds into simple elements and short-chain fatty acids (on the order of 10 to 7). These substances can already metabolize flocculating microorganisms well.
  • Fibrous bacteria are suppressed and the flakes grow to an optimal representation – mostly “medium and large”.
  • Biocenosis is better resistant to material and hydraulic overload. The sewage tanks can work well even at 20% overload.
  • Defoaming is removed, the sedimentation properties of the activated sludge are improved and the sludge index is optimized. The sludge will stop floating (fibrous bacteria such as Microthrix or Nocardia will not form), it will regenerate and sediment better.
  • AQUAENZYM removes foaming, decomposes organic substances better, the sludge will not float and will be better drained.

This creates a higher dry matter content and up to 25% less sludge.

  • Wastewater values ​​(biological phosphorus, fats etc.) will be reduced in the effluent
  • The odor is removed.

AQUAENZYM is completely biodegradable, does not harm the environment and human health, does not damage pipes and fittings, is not toxic, cannot cause sensitization after inhalation and after contact with the skin.