Nutritional herbal supplement without added chemicals acting in the human body not only as an antioxidant



Aquazit 3 liters


Do you also suffer from various diseases of civilization? Do you suffer from malaise, have problems with digestion, excretion, your hair falls out, your skin is pale, do you feel that you are aging faster? All this and much more is caused by foreign harmful substances that enter our body in various ways and ways and which are commonly referred to as parasites and poisons.

Help for our body to break down these harmful substances must be sought in nature, in herbs. Herbs contain many substances that have a high antioxidant, antiparasitic, antibacterial and antiviral effect. Some of the most effective in these areas are cloves, oregano, cinnamon, nut, wormwood and fennel. And it is from these herbs that AQUAZIT consists and thus helps to find the lost balance in the human body, increases its immunity and functionality, supports its efforts to remove harmful substances. At the same time, as is known for the individual herbs of which it is composed, it can eliminate inflammation, eczema, allergies, various manifestations of muscle and joint pain, support the balance in the intestinal microflora, support digestion and emptying, improve hair quality and growth, break down brittleness. nails, improve the quality of the skin, break down fat deposits, supply energy to the body and the like.

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