Amber wants the thought of Nina and you can Fabian with her and you may claims “terrible Nina” when she thinks Fabian wants this lady

ber’s closest friend. ber given that she don’t want to hurt the girl. Upcoming Amber read that Mara appreciated Mick and you can made a decision to button rooms with Patricia so she wouldn’t need certainly to accept Mara more, as an alternative Nina. Even with its disagreement between the two, and you will despite Emerald continues to have some thinking for Mick, Amber provided suggestions to help you Mick on the bringing Mara back. Near the prevent regarding 12 months you to, it seem to be best friends once more but not as near while they was shortly after. During the Season dos, he or she is nevertheless close friends and so are supportive of each almost every other. In the Season 3 they end up being roommates once again when Nina’s sleep is unlock, and therefore live until Amber had to leave the college. (See Amara)

Alfie Lewis

Alfie has had a major crush on Emerald since the beginning. He’s got experimented with many things to locate this lady to notice, however, she usually throws him down. He appears pleased whenever Mick says to their however desire feel members of the family. She kissed him after given that a just be sure to make Mick jealous. She will not such as Alfie it is nice so you’re able to him. not, Amber begins to find a new side during the Alfie when he suits Sibuna. Emerald seems to be development attitude having him but doesn’t hunt to locate it. Later, she visited prom which have Alfie immediately following he questioned the girl as opposed to informing the woman whom he to be real however, she acknowledge she wasn’t upset as he did tell the girl. They just weren’t sweetheart/girlfriend simply after that, but Emerald are providing him a go manage doing 2nd identity, as previously mentioned in a removed scene in the 12 months finale. Amber eventually believes to be Alfie’s partner. She says later one she’s going to wade societal with “Amfie” for her individual date. After, they theoretically separation but Emerald requires him to provide Amfie some other wade, however, Alfie states he will have to consider it. It get back together sooner or later, into Alfie’s terms and conditions. They then break-upwards once again due to Amber moving off to sit-in manner university. 

Jerome Clarke

Emerald believes Jerome are a beneficial goof. Jerome nearly put a fish around her cushion just after. Instead the guy put it within her cabinet. Shortly after paign, he turned his choose so you can Amber’s front, fun her. He is still members of the family towards the end out of season you to definitely, in the event he stole this lady prom clothe themselves in the last episode given that an effective prank. Yet not, the guy said today she was required to pick ‘nerd, goth or goody-two-shoes’, demonstrating he may prefer the woman on anybody else (even if the guy did features a beneficial smash into the ber is blinded, she sat with the Jerome’s lap happen to, whether or not he cannot frequently notice but he checked this lady for example she try in love. Internal away from Forgeries / Family regarding Hijack, whenever Alfie busts along the home, Jerome protects Amber, in addition they cuddle in the an embrace. (See Jamber)

Nina Martin

Amber and you will Nina seem to be decent relatives, who will be usually hanging out together with her. they are roommates immediately after Amber’s struggle with Mara in which they become nearer. She facilitate Nina discover clues and you can Nina and additionally thinks you to Emerald is normally a wizard. That they like to help you laugh up to along with her. Nina facilitate the girl together with her problems with Mick and you may comforts the woman after the breakup. Emerald blames Alfie getting Nina and you can Fabian separating, however, Nina cannot blame him. She supports him or her since the one or two. Emerald told Nina one Patricia is appearing using their blogs, risking bringing liquid spilled on her. Amber is really loyal to Nina. Emerald try the only one Nina informed whenever she spotted Fabian making out Happiness, and you can Amber confronted him on her. For the Season 3, when Mr. Nice informed people one to Nina was’t coming back, she is actually worried to the point of sickness. (See Namber)