BIO DISINFECTION for everything 5 liters


Effective disinfection without the addition of chemical elements.



Dezanol 5 litres

Every environment in which we operate requires that it be more or less disinfected, hygienically clean and odorless. Not everywhere we manage to ensure this at the required level. DEZANOL is a disinfectant that has bactericidal, fungicidal, sporicidal and viral inactivating effects and effectively removes odors.

DEZANOL is suitable for disinfection in households, but also in healthcare, veterinary medicine, the food industry, agriculture, as well as for disinfecting drinking water and bathing water. Simply wherever hygiene, disinfection and odor removal are required.

Due to the fact that only high-purity salt (NaCl) is added to water for the production of DEZANOL, this product is an ecological product, environmentally friendly, non-toxic, aggressive, does not contain any harmful chemicals and is therefore not harmful to health. DEZANOL is a colorless, clear liquid with a faint odor of chlorine, which has a neutral pH and can be applied without the use of protective equipment.

Technological equipment for the production of DEZANOL disinfectant can be placed directly at the place of use. (Solution – bottled/in situ)


Examples of the use of DEZANOL:


Residential and non-residential premises


  • kitchen disinfection – all washable surfaces and floors
  • bathroom disinfection – sinks, baths, showers, toilets
  • disinfection of piping systems and siphons
  • disinfection of walls, corners, plasters, paint walls and basement areas infested with mold
  • disinfection of stalls, roof areas where rodents, mice, pigeons occur
  • disinfection of storage areas
  • disinfection of door handles, railings
  • disinfection of apartments – rooms for the sick, dead
  • disinfection of areas with a high incidence and migration of persons
  • disinfection of bed and personal linen, towels, tea towels
  • disinfection of washable toys.



Food industry


  • disinfection in the food complex, refrigeration and freezing industry
  • disinfection of production and processing complexes of meat, milk, poultry, fish, eggs, game, vegetables and fruits
  • disinfection in viticulture – hygiene of barrels, glass containers, hoses, processing equipment of grapes, grinders, presses
  • disinfection of farms, animals, animal udders, barns, bedding, common areas
  • rinsing and disinfection of milking equipment – does not affect the quality of milk, no washing with chemicals
  • disinfection of the air using a spray aerosol – very effective especially in the breeding of poultry, housed cattle, where it reduces odor, improves the environment, which has an impact on lower morbidity and mortality of animals
  • continuous and final disinfection in animal production
  • the addition of DEZANOL to water will ensure better animal health and reduce the amount of medication administered.


Veterinary medicine


  • disinfection of surfaces, tools, instruments and auxiliary materials, tires and footwear
  • comprehensive disinfection of veterinary hospitals and clinics.




  • disinfection of the environment, surfaces, floors, tools, instruments, aids, clothing
  • disinfection of operating and examination rooms, obstetrics and gynecology rooms
  • disinfection of bed spaces, including bed linen, hygienic aids, auxiliary and sanitary areas, waiting rooms
  • disinfection of catering areas, kitchens, warehouses, dining and dispensing meals, boilers, pots, kitchen utensils, cutlery, glass and porcelain
  • disinfection of the complex of dry cleaners and laundries in healthcare
  • disinfection in laboratory premises, suppression of secondary infection, disinfection and sterilization of laboratory glassware, blood and bacterial coatings
  • disinfection in the entire balneological complex, hydrotherapy and individual treatment facilities
  • disinfection of incubators and premises for premature babies
  • the use of DEZANOL eliminates nosocomial infections,
  • the amount of antibiotics in the wards is reduced by about 10-15%, the morbidity of the staff is reduced and the odor in the wards is eliminated.


Civil defense and the army


  • disinfection after floods, disinfection of wells, flooded areas, clothing, equipment
  • water disinfection
  • disinfection and decontamination of biological waste, techniques, tents, people
  • disinfection of accommodation, catering, operating and medical premises
  • fast and effective disinfection for soldiers
  • it is also possible to use water which is bacterially contaminated as inlet water
  • DEZANOL disinfection machine can also be used in field hospitals, as a comprehensive and final disinfection also in patients (more information in the healthcare section)
  • the possibility of a mobile system for the production of disinfectant directly at the place of need, according to the required quantity.


Other uses


disinfection of premises in:


  • barber and hairdresser
  • mass caterers
  • hotel and accommodation facilities
  • school and preschool facilities
  • spas, saunas, swimming pools, swimming pools, massage parlors, fitness centers, sports grounds, solariums
  • means of public transport, metro, train and air transport
  • warehouses
  • air conditioning disinfection.

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