superoxidized, non-toxic and non-irritating agent for cleaning, moisturizing and treating acute and chronic wounds, abscesses, burns and abrasions in all species of animals



Veterinol gel

In the case of weakened immunity in animals caused by age, trauma, allergies, chronic diseases, metabolic diseases and others, the animal’s body is unable to produce enough chloric acid, which has an amazing ability to penetrate deep into body tissues, where, in contact with pathogens, these will neutralize. For this reason, it is in these cases that we must supplement it externally with VETERINOL and thus speed up the healing process in animals.

VETERINOL is a product designed to help treat severe and extensive injuries, infected and chronic wounds, minor scratches and erosions not only on the skin but also on the mucous membranes. It reduces the microbial load of wounds and helps to create a moist environment in the wound, thus allowing the body to develop its own healing process.

VETERINOL does not damage healthy tissues, is non-toxic and does not irritate the eyes, ears, respiratory tract, skin and mucous membranes of animals and people who treat them. It is safe for all types of animals, including exotic animals, amphibians and reptiles.

VETERINOL does not sting, does not hurt and is very well tolerated by animals. They are not hindered by a slightly salty taste or a faint odor of chlorine. It is very well absorbed in water, as well as when applied to sensitive and painful areas (skin, mucous membranes, eyes, ears).

It is also suitable for disinfecting animal bowls, toys, harnesses, dwellings (cage, aquarium, terrarium) and tools or aids in shearing salons, animal shops and dispensaries. VETERINOL not only disinfects and treats, but also effectively eliminates various odors.

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