Though a matchmaking software might appear to be the closest thing tech-obsessed Millennials need to a matchmaker, the old art of playing cupid isn’t really dead yet.

Wingman, a unique cellular matchmaking application, recently carried out its basic Wingman Assisted Romance Survey. The analysis shows that many Millennials (90per cent), if they’re single or perhaps in a relationship, state they might delight in becoming matchmaker due to their buddies. And furthermore, they are self-confident regarding their skills. Virtually 70percent stated they thought they’d be better at picking fits with regards to their buddies than their friends might possibly be at choosing their very own times.

“a big almost all the folks we spoke to at duration thought that they understood their friends good enough to pick individuals they ought to meet and several believed they completely knew all of them better than people they know understand on their own,” stated Wingman founder Tina Wilson. “Millennials tend to be positive hence self-confidence plainly extends to the common belief we learned that many millennials are of the opinion they could be great matchmakers for their buddies.” 

Wingman created the Assisted Romance research from study carried out in the united kingdom together with US earlier in the day this season. The research aimed to recognize fashions in romance, online dating, and cooperation amongst Millennial singles. Important results feature:

  • of these surveyed, about 50 % mentioned they liked matchmaking apps, and approximately half stated they certainly weren’t interested in utilizing dating programs by themselves.
  • Almost 1 / 2 mentioned they were frustrated by, and would want an alternative choice to, the “hookup culture” they thought is related to matchmaking apps or even the poor experiences they’ve got with internet dating.
  • Of those who were definitely matchmaking, almost three-quarters stated they’d like to assign the electronic search to their buddies, and 35% stated they wouldn’t utilize online dating sites by themselves, nevertheless they was available to introductions produced by an effective buddy of friend acting as a Wingman.
  • The majority of of those surveyed—upwards of 90per cent—said they would hop from the possibility to play matchmaker for a buddy and they might possibly be great at it. There clearly was almost worldwide interest for swiping for their closest relatives and buddies.

Aspiring matchmakers have something committed entirely for them. Wingman talks of it self never as a dating software, but as “an increasing neighborhood of matchmakers who want to do something best for one buddy.” Singles cannot write unique users or contact potential suits on the application. Rather, their particular profile must be authored by a buddy – aka a Wingman – just who also chooses exactly who they connect to. Wingman boasts this is actually “another, collaborative method to producing on line connections.”

“We all have that one buddy that knows united states best and is a gifted matchmaker. Wingman provides them with a platform for their all-natural matchmaking skills and lets all of them have a great time playing Cupid. It’s my opinion the need to be a matchmaker for just one buddy can be as old as friendship itself,” claims Wilson. “we desire what exactly is perfect for our friends nowadays we are able to do something to actually enable them to. Wingman makes it easy to complete something impactful and get a little bit of enjoyable in the process.”

Take a look at the Wingman beta for the iTunes App shop now.